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Green superfine clay - Montmorillonite

Key Facts
Botanical name:Montmorillonite
Extraction Method:Milled

HK$ 280

Montmorillonite is the best and most active clay due to the high levels of magnesium. Contains oxides of iron, aluminium, magnesium, manganese, silica and calcium. Its purity, Absorption Capacity (20%) and high Ionic Exchange Powers (60-70 Mg/g) make it far superior to ordinary green clays. Superior absorbancy capacity, cleanses, clarifies and purifies the skin. This clay is extracted by hand, it is very pure, soft and revitalising. It gives a remarkable result. 

To make a clay mask: Select clay to match your skin type, or blend several together for a more specific effect. Add purified water, or hydrosols and blend until it forms a paste.

Note: Each clay absorbs water at a different level, add water slowly until it reaches the desired texture.

  • Botanical name: Montmorillonite
  • Origins: United States of America
  • Extraction Method: Milled
  • Color 綠色

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