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About us

Our Vision:

"To provide high quality aromatic natural products to our customers at a reasonable price"

Our main business is; Wholesale 100% high quality pure essential oils, natural raw materials, natural ingredients of care products and other related products, etc. All of our products directly imported via the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and France. We communicate directly with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure our commitment to our customers

Ensuring Quality

At Susa Asia Limited, we sell 100% pure aromatic natural products, with no any chemical additives.

In order to ensure the products we provide are natural and of high quality, we work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to establish a cooperative relationship to ensure products are strictly monitored for every part: such as plant variety and plant cultivation, harvest time, seasons, technology and essential oils extraction methods.

We regularly test our products, including; the scent and the colour of essential oils, to guarantee quality consistency.  Our entire bottling process handled by hand; this allows us to continuously monitor the products.  

Our essential oils stored in temperature-controlled wooden cabinet, which guarantee quality and stability. 

Products purchased from Susa Asia will be supplied with a unique batch number which allows complete traceability to the suppliers, and/or manufacturers.

Sincere customer services

we pledge to do our best to meet the customers ' needs.

No animal testing

We made a commitment to our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure our products (Ingredients) without animal testing.Protecting the environment

Environmental Protection

We are committed to minimize the usage of packaging in order to reduce the harmful to the environment.