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Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

Susa Asia Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser is a therapeutic grade nebulizing diffuser, uses no heat and no water to vaporize 100% pure essential oils.


A pine wooden base A handmade borosilicate glass bottle A handmade borosilicate glass cap A power adapter (CE, CB, RoHS approved AC Adapter: Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 11.5VA, Output: 12V 500mA) Dimensions: 126(D) x 195(H) mm Weight: 0.4kg Diffusing space: up to 1200 square feet.

Directions for use:

Gently twist the glass bottle into the rubber hole in the base. Put 10 to 20 drops of 100% pure essential oil into the glass bottle. (Avoid oil to fill above the glass tubes inside of bottle) Place the glass cap onto the glass bottle. Connect the diffuser base and the AC adapter. Turn on the diffuser by twisting the metal knob on the side of wood base clockwise to the desired intensity. The diffuser runs a cycle of 10 minutes on, 30 minutes off. It will automatically turn off after three cycles. (Total 90 minutes for one whole running cycle)


Clean the glass part one to three times per month. Pour in 2ml 75% alcohol, rinse well, and then empty out. Empty and clean the diffuser if it is not going to be used for a long period of time. This can prevent the essential oils from solidifying and damaging the diffuser.


This diffuser (not included glass part) is guaranteed for ONE year against any manufacturing defects, starts from the date of sale. The guarantee does not apply if the glass bottle is filled with too much oil or if the diffuser was used improperly.

The contents are copyright of Susa Asia Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Product Code: AVTWG_T Origin from: Taiwan