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Jasmine Sambac Absolute - Jasminum sambac

Citrus paradisii
Botanical name Jasmine sambac
Method of extraction   Solvent extracted
Section of plant Flowers
Family Oleaceae, Jasminum
Characteristics A dark brown yellowish liquid with an incredibly intense aroma that is floral, yet more musky undertone.
Perfumery note Middle to base
Principal constituents Benzyl acetate ~21%
α-farnesene ~12.5%
Linalool ~7.5%
Methyl anthranilate ~5%
Linolenic acid methyl ester ~4.3%
Phenylacetate Geranyl ~2.5%
Trans - benzoic acid cinnamyl acetate ~2.4%
Phenylethyl acetate ~2.3%
Phenylethanol ~2.1%
Benzyl benzoate ~1.5%
Anti-anti-style - farnesol ~1.3%
Acetic acid phytol ester ~1.3%
Phenylethyl Benzoate ~1.3%
Aquilaria mellow leaf ester ~1.2%
Benzene Acetonitrile ~1%
Benzyl alcohol and ~1%
Methyl stearate ~1%
Palm Methyl ~1%
Methyl oleate ~0.5%
Methyl anthranilate acetone ~0.5%
Anti-anti-style - acacia ester acetic acid ~0.5%
Cis - jasmone (Jasminum ketone) ~0.45%
The composition of the essential oils may be vary depends on soil, seasons, climate and region. Chemical compositions will be difference in terms of species of plants and the plantations
Matching oils Rose, neroli, lavender, ylang ylang, helichrysum, sandalwood, rosewood, Melissa, palmarosa, geranium, bergamot, frankincense, sweet orange, mandarin, myrrh, etc.
Safety information Do not intake essential oils or apply it directly on to skin. Avoid during pregnancy. Use in moderation.
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Product Code: EOAJS Origin from: India

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