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Hops Absolute - Humulus lupulus

Citrus paradisii
Botanical name Humulus lupulus
Method of extraction   Food Grade Solvent
Section of plant Female inflorescence
Family Moraceae, Humulus
Characteristics Yellow to brownish yellow liquid with a rich, spicy-sweet scent.  liquid with a rich, spicy-sweet scent.
Perfumery note  Middle to base
Principal constituents

alpha-Humulene ~36.7%    
Myrcene ~25.4%    
beta-Caryophyllene ~9.8%    
gamma-Cadinene ~5.5%   
delta-Cadinene ~4.1%    
alpha-Muurolene ~3%    
alpha-Copaene ~1.5%    
Geraniol ~1.5%
Sabinene ~1.4%    
beta-Selinene ~1.2%    
Linalool ~1.1%
(E)-beta-Ocimene ~1%    
alpha-Selinene ~1%    
Germacrene D ~0.6%    
alpha-Cadinene ~0.6%    
alpha-Terpinene ~0.5%    
Limonene     ~0.5%
beta-Pinene ~0.4%    
alpha-Pinene ~0.3%    
beta-Cubebene ~0.3%      
Caryophyllene oxide     ~0.3%    
Trace ingredients of ... less than standby
The composition of the essential oils may be vary depends on soil, seasons, climate and region. Chemical compositions will be difference in terms of species of plants and the plantation

Matching oils  Rose, neroli, lavender, lotus, helichrysum, sandalwood, rosewood, amyris, melissa, palmarosa, geranium, bergamot, frankincense, orange sweet, mandarin, myrrh, Turmeric, pine.
Safety information Do not intake essential oils or apply it directly on to skin. Avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for hormonal-type of cancer patients.

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Product Code: EOAHO Origin from: Germany

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