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Balsam Absolute - Myroxylon pereira

Citrus paradisii
Botanical name Myroxylon pereira
Method of extraction   Food-grade solvent
Section of plant Gum
Family Fabaceae, Sophoreae
Characteristics A pale amber or brown viscous liquid with a rich, sweet, balsamic, vanilla-like scent.
Perfumery note  Base
Principal constituents Benzyl benzoate ~55.80
Benzyl cinnamate ~20.10
Benzylalcohol 3%
Nerolidol 7%
Benzaldehyde 5%
Benzoic acid 4%
Farnesol 2%
Vanillin 1%
Methyl cinnamate 1%
Other trace of elements ~2.1%
Matching oils  Blend well with all floral, wood, resin, citrus and spice essential oils.
Safety information Do not intake essential oils or apply it directly on to skin. Use in moderation. Avoid during pregnancy.
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Product Code: EOABA Origin from: United States of America

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